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Hey Wizard: Quest for the Magic Mojo
Games Description
Without the King of Mojo, all coolness is lost. You've gotta magic him back, man.
Instructions :
A/D = Walk Q/E = Change Magic Space = Equip Menu Esc/P = Pause Menu Aim with your mouse and hold the button to charge, releasing to unleash your magic. Find mojo statues to help you summon the powerful magic mojos, which aid you in your conquest of fiends bent on hurting your hat. Without your hat, you are nothing, and you will die. Locked doors are tricky: find keys. Use your lightning to jump, and fire to fly. Each level has 4 quests: 1. Find the magic mojo. 2. Rescue the crying mojo. 3. Defeat the boss. 4. Find all mojo statues.
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